I hear fish oil capsules raison d`¨ētre cancer , is this a true ? I heard fish oil capsule cause cancer ?

I heard fish grease capsules cause cancer , is this a true ? please give support to me to know the truth , thank you very much for your answer.
Answers:   check it out here. www.mayoclinic.com.
This is untrue. Fish live in the deep-sea. In the sea there are impurity such as mercury, PCB's, heavy metals and dioxins. These are oxidants which can potentially damage respectable cells and in life-size quantities can be linked to cancer. These substances catch into the fish through the food they consume and the water they live in. Most fish grease capsules have have these impurities removed. I take Holland and Barrett Omega 3 fish grease (sold in red plastic jars) and on the label it specifically states Ester Omega is molecularly distilled to remove the previously mentioned impurity. So to answer your question simply No fish oil capsule do not cause cancer.

It is recommended that three potions of oily fish are eat every week to to support healthy heart and brain function. Remember if you eat ample quantities of fish the impurities are not removed and will so build up in your system. So eat at least possible three potions a week and if not then lug capsules of omega three. This is a wonder fat and if everyone surrounded by the UK had this in their diet incidence of bake disease and stroke would be greatly reduced! just look at the research.

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no it does not. In fact it help protect your liver from cancer.
research it and u will see what i say it's the truth..

wish u luck
Manufacturers of fish grease are required to test each shipment they produce; however, in many cases, this carrying out tests is handled by the manufacturers themselves. Often conducting tests is conducted prior to adding flavors and bottling, so the fish oil to be precise tested in-house may not necessarily be the same quality of fish grease delivered to the marketplace.

You'll want to look for a company approaching IFOS that does the test(International Fish Oil Standards), a non-affiliated third party and the internationally-respected source for fish oil analysis. IFOS scientifically test and analyzes fish oils. This validation testing ensure that you are getting a safe and effective fish grease supplement that you can feel confident about the purity of fish grease that you are giving to your family.
Fish oil contains Omega3 fatty acids these are extremely beneficial in maintaining adjectives of your immune and brain processes. You can also take flax seed grease for the same supplement if fish oil doesn't agree near you.
I tried the above mayo clinic link and there is no info on curing cancer beside fish oil.

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