I do this every day. Wet a scarf with HOT water and soak I hold OILY skin. If I put a hot wet rag on my frontage will it get rid of my zits or give me more?

I do this every afternoon. Wet a rag with HOT marine and soak my face for a second or two then dry. Is this honest or bad.
Answers:   i worked in a dermatologist clinic for over 5 years molly is in fact right on that part. using a hot rag will approachable your pores that is why they recommend you to wash your frontage in cool water, if you own oily skin stay away from all fragrant lotions and creams... wash your face twice a daytime at night before bed and surrounded by the AM when you wake up. use a face mop up, i recommend something with a salicylic acid contained by it, usually i recommend neutrogena, and if it drys your face out to much (which is bad) because it causes your frontage to over produce the oil you lost and can cause even more of a break out. later use a light moisturizer non comedogenic, usually Cetaphil lotion or Cereve (not sure on the spelling on the second) and lightly mop your face with it... or you can try Neutrogena creamy obverse wash it has the salicylic tart in it with a touch moisturizer. and shouldn't be as drying. also whenever you change a facial regiment you have to allow your skin to adjust so you may break out more. it take about 6 weeks for your skin to do that. and if you continue to break out stir see a derm. they can help you with the breakouts
It may actually be unpromising. Hot water opens up pores, and cold dampen closes them. So if you do this and then leave for the daytime, you are opening up your pores to extra bacteria, etc.
Hot tablecloth to open them up, clean your facade, then a cold rag to close them.
Use toothpaste. No practical joke it helps. It helps oilyness to
its mostly good for ur skin by later again it can clog ur pores and will cause more zits, so u can do it but not alot
The hot napkin will open the pores up so you can clean them out. Blackhead removal tools can lend a hand but be careful..if you don't fully remove the clog it will most likely achieve irritated and become a pimple. Remember to splash cold water on after to close the pores or you are just asking for dirty to win in and irritate the pores.

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