Okay so a few dys ago i have gotten these little green pimples Why is my open wound numb?

Okay so a few dys ago i had gotten these little green pimples on my arm i itched it and it spread from my arm to both foot and then i covered the things up with sterile pad and bandage wrap then i open it later that day to find that it individual made it worse it was swollen and leaking and it turned from green to a night light greenish white color and i went to the ER and they told me that there be nothing they could do about it becuase it didnt look to serious but i thought it be a staph infection idk what it was but not the blisters are gone and ts just big adjectives open wounds that burn and sting when not covered but i know that i have to agree to them turn into scabs and now their kinds numb and tingly idk what to do because even the ER turned me away so minister to me ASAP ASAP PLEASE
Answers:   Wound healing course. Symptoms of skin disease ... It is described as stinging, burning, rawness, stabbing, boring ... it is important to identify the produce and treat the ...
www.dermnetnz.org/doctors/wound-healin¡­ - Cached
Take a look at this site shows pictures of skin rashes and may have your problem as all right and tell treatments you could use for your wound.

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