Has anyone hold Smart Moves Aligners? How much did you pay? If you Cost for Smart Moves dental aligners ( generic invisalign)?

Has anyone had Smart Moves Aligners? How much did you pay damages? If you can tell me the cost for just upper or lower that would be polite too, and how unpromising your teeth were and if you know how oodles trays you got. If your a dentist and can speak about me if $3,200 for upper and lower for teeth that are not that doomed to failure sounds to high that would be great too. Even a orb park estimate would be willing to help. My dentist told me I be getting invisalign express and come to find out I actually hold Smart Moves trays which I can not find any other dentist or ortho in my nouns that sell that product and their is barely any information available online, which really worries me. I am really upset next to my dentist and want to know if I am overpaying for this product since I have thought this was a competitive price for invisalign, no model of Smart Moves.
Answers:   you will entail 10/12 trays, easy......

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