I just bought a product call Xpulsion by herbal extreme. The lady at Do detox drinks work to get THC out of your system?

I purely bought a product called Xpulsion by herbal extreme. The lady at the director shop said to take it the day of the drug testing 2 hours before and that it will last going on for 5 hours. She said that the lower dosage detox worked for her, but to be on the safe side I purchased the one that was 5x as strong.

Has anyone ever used this product (or any similar products) for drug test? Do you recommend I keep drinking water afterwards?

Thank you!
Answers:   They work great! Have used it several times! Report Abuse
YES and the doesn't work, you better turn and get your *** money back bro! If your gonna draw from drug tested just don't smoke so close to the test, smoke SPICE, it doesn't show up on the test and its cheaper than weed, it tastes like MIDS... i buy from this dude

Worked for me. Better safe than sorry. Go ahead and drink it, it will help.
No, they do not.
It's a scam, it does not work. There are sure chemicals that will cause a drug test to show up denial for thc, but unfortunately they've all get extremely visible markers for ph or colour and are tested for. You can't seize away with them; tampering near the test and getting an inconclusive is generally view as a fail.
When is your test?

You stipulation loads of water, juices and green tea. LOADS.

But even that may not be satisfactory. You probably need one of those kits you take which are guaranteed. Better than some lady in a shop who will utter anything to sell.

Anyway, if you wanna check it out, link is below.
no no no.


adjectives they do is tell you to drink their drink and then drink lots of hose. it's the water that dilutes your urine.

don't waste your money when wet does it for free.

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